The hack satellite can launch microwave- like attacks

Most of the satellite communications such as ships, planes, and military use to connect to the internet are vulnerable to hackers. They may have a microwave like attacks. A study shows,  number of popular satellite communication system are vulnerable to the attacks. That can easily leak information and hack connected devices. According to research, attacks are merely a nuisance for the aviation sector can pose a safety risk for military and maritime users. 

The High Risk attacks

The works of the attacks are by connecting to the satellite antenna from the ground, through the internet. Then using security weaknesses in the software that operates the antenna to seize control and then happen a potential damage varies. The possible attacks could be the ability to disrupts, intercept all communications passed through the antenna. Allowing an attacker to eavesdrops on emails sent through an in-flight wifi system. Another way is to attempt to launch further hacking attacks against devices connected to the satellite network. In some cases, the safety risk is higher still. For instance, in the case of the military, the attacks also expose the location of the satellite antenna. Usually, the attackers need to attach GPS device to function. 

The maritime and military users are also at the risk of what described as “cyber-physical attacks”. It repositioning the antenna and setting its output as high as it will go, to launch a “high-intensity radio frequency attack. According to Ruben Santamarta, a researcher for information security firm IOActive the safety risk is not as high for the aviation sector. Because planes tend to build with a significant amount of HIRF shielding in place. He said that the industry has done a good job of putting strong design. And testing standards in place that would protect critical flights systems. 

After the research, IOActive work with the aviation industry to ensure that affected airlines are no longer exposing their fleets.


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